All day Cafe-Bar

In the All day cafe bar, 2 bars operate with an extremely updated bar, which includes a huge variety of classic as well as hard-to-find and sought-after labels.

Karavi 360

Everything is more beautiful with a drink in hand, above the city lights. For flirting or for company, for fun or for relaxation, together with the lounge decor and the super updated music selections of the console, this Boat will take you to different worlds.

Tropical Espresso Cafe Bar

At Terra Petra, the suggestions to enjoy the amazing view of the city never stop.

That's why every time you come, it will be like coming for the first time.
Enjoy a unique blend of coffee or an aromatic variety of tea, or ask for one of our exciting cocktails.

Latomeio Mezedopoleio

From June 2020, a mezedopoleio is operating again, with the aim of once again becoming the reference point of the city.

In the specially designed space, maintaining the industrial style and architecture of the building, outside the fabric of the city and high above it, you feel as if you are in the countryside.