Whatever you imagine!

How do you dream of your wedding reception? Or your baby's christening? How do you envision your child's graduation party? Or your birthday party?

If you are looking for the most unique moments of your life or the most special occasions of your life, something different, something above the ordinary, you will find it here, above the city, far above the average, with the uniqueness, the quality, the taste and the high aesthetics that they deserve.

From the personal style and the tone you want to give to the careful last detail, we - as an experienced team - will anticipate and organize everything perfectly, so that everything runs 'clock', and above all, without any concern for you! You will have nothing but fun and relaxation to fully enjoy these precious moments together with familiar and beloved faces and to keep them forever indelible in memory, wrapped in an atmosphere of colors, flavors and aromas, and above all joy and relaxation...

Just as you imagine!

How would you like to make a successful corporate event a reality or organize an unforgettable annual event for your club?

In the green, atmospheric outdoor environment with the grass, the pergolas and the breathtaking view of the city 'on a plate' at your feet, the impeccable organization of each event will have 'your' character, since it will be based on exactly your needs, whether it is a private or a social event. And it is guaranteed to be forever unforgettable for you and your guests, as befits those special occasions you come here to celebrate.

*Depending on the event and the occasion, there is the possibility and/or use of the interior space. Contact the Function Manager of the Event Space for any question or concern.

Do you know the date of your event?

We will be happy to listen to you and propose ideas and solutions beyond the ordinary