Meet you at the Bar

At the highest point of Terra Petra

Everything is more beautiful with a drink in hand, above the city lights. For flirting or for company, for fun or for relaxation, together with the lounge decor and the super updated music selections of the console, this Boat will take you to different worlds.

Over the city

Under the stars!

Here the view is Goddess! The evening atmosphere above the brightly lit city, under the starlit sky is simply incomparable.

The power of the rhythm and the refined beat of the music will always beautifully dress the time and the mood.

As for the drinks, premium in quality, variety and imagination, these are a real "tasting" on cocktails and they will lift your vibes and mood!

Try one of the exotic cocktails of his 'untouched' bar with Caribbean spices and rum or one with a tropical liqueur influenced by Polynesian culture.

Or even one of the famous signature cocktails by Terra Petra. Unless you prefer an inventive creation from the hands of the barmen (they become popular among the groups around the bar).

Or maybe a tailormade ready just the way you want it?

The options are simply limitless, from classic to modern, here on the top level of Polychoros, which also serves as the Main Bar in the evenings.